Glaucoma service of CPEH is one of the most well equipped centres anywhere in India. All the work up rooms of the general OPD are equipped with Applanation Tonometer for accurate measurement of IOP in every OPD patient. The Glaucoma Clinic has in its possession the Pascal Dynamic tonometer & Perkin’s hand held Tonometer for more accuracy and convenience. The clinic has two Humphrey’s visual field analyser, Single, three and four mirror, Sussman's -indentation Gonioscopes, Topcon’s Glaucoma imaging OCT(one is Zeiss HD out OCT, other is Revo 60 OCT,Optopol) & Carl Zeiss’s Yag laser iridotomy machine.

Regular Trabeculectomy, Trab with MitomycinC & Releasable sutures are routinely done here. Combined Phaco-Trab and Regular surgical & laser PI & Ahmed’s Glaucoma Valve & Express shunt surgery in indicated patients are also done here.

The centre has recently completed a study on Travanoprost in collaboration with Alcon Laboratories, India.

Dr Pronob Kalita, MBBS, MS and a fellow from Arvind Eye Hospitals, Coimbatore is in charge of the Glaucoma clinic

The centre is now equipped with surgical Gonio lens for modern Glaucoma Surgery with isent.