Microbioloy Lab
Microbiological Support is essential for diseases like corneal ulcer, Endophthalmitis and other eye infections. The microlab regularly does microscopic examination under grams, Giemsa stain and KOH mount to detect causative micro organisms like Bacteria & Fungus, Blood Agar, Chocolate Agar, Nutrient agar, S.D.A media are used to culltine micro organism for more accurate detection and identification
  Name of Equipments Manufacturing Company Number
  Tanco Laminar Air Flow PLT-70 Tanco 1 No.
  Tanco Incubator PLT-136 Tanco 1 No.
  Freeze Kelvinator 1 No.
  Olympus CH20 i Olympus 1 No.
  Centrifuge Machine Remi 1 No.
  Colorimeter Innova -1000 Monozyme 1 No.
  Haemocytometer Marienfeld 1 No.
  DLC Counter Sonar 1 No.
  Hot Air Oven York Scientific Indust. Pvt. Ltd 1 No.