Out Patient Department (OPD)



Our OPD works every weekday from 8 am in the morning to 6pm in the evening.

Comprehensive Eye examination is done in each patient which takes minimum one and half hours to complete. Once registered in the reception the patients are worked up by qualified Optometrists. After putting dilating drops to the eye's the optometrist places the patients file in consultant's room who examined the patients once again including detailed evaluation of the retina with indirect Ophthalmoscope. At the completion of examination by consultant the patients are sent to counseling room for necessary directions.

Large waiting halls accommodate the patients in the first floor holding area till the patients are attended to by the concerned ophthalmologist. Floor attendants inform the patients and usher them to the doctor




Name of Equipment Manufacturing Company Number
Ophthalmic Chair Unit Plantech 8 Nos.
Ophthalmic Chair Unit Appasamy 3 Nos.
Slit lamp SL IE Topcon/Zeiss 8 Nos.
Slit lamp SLD 7 with Digital Camera unit Topcon 1 No.
Slit lamp AIA -115S Appasamy 2 Nos.
Keeler PSL classic Portable Slit lamp Keeler 1 No
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Heines / Keeler/ Wellch Alleyns 6 Nos.
Direct Ophthalmoscope Heines 2 Nos
Inami Appl. Tanometer Carl Zeiss / Topcon 4 Nos.
TRC 50 Ex Retinal camera Topcon 1 Nos.
Visulas 532S Laser Carl Zeiss 1 No
Visulas Yag II Plus Carl Zeiss 1 No.
Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope Carl Zeiss 1 No.
Ultrascan Imaging System Alcon India 1 No.
Bio meter AL 100 Tomey 1 No.
Nidek AR-600A Auto Refractometre Nidek 1 No.
Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer Carl Zeiss 1 No.
Kerotometer Appasamy/Alcon 3 Nos.
Single Channel ECG Machine BPL/ Seilar 3 Nos.
Computerized Lensmeter CL-100 Topcon/Alcon 2 No.
3D OCT – 1000 Topcon 1 No.
Allegratto 400 MHZ.,EyeQ Blueline from Wavelight Wavelight 1 No.
Topography (TMS-4) Tomey 1 No.
Pascal Dynamic Contour Tonometer Swiss Micro Technology . 1 No
Specular Microscope  Hai corporation  2 No.
Occuscan RXP with packy Alcon 1 No.
Occulyzer Carl Zeiss 1 No.
UPS 6 KVA Emerson 1 No.
Retinoscope Heines 11 Nos.
Trial Box 10 Nos.
Schiotz Tonometer 2 Nos.
Synaptophore 1 No