Operation Theatre

The operation theatre complex comprises of 3 state of the art operating rooms equipped with Zeiss Visu 150, Leica 220, Carl Zeiss Lumera T and Topcon OMS 75 operating microscope.

There is one Alcon Infiniti Vision System Unit, one Alcon's Legacy Phacomachine and one Lauriet phaco machine for phacoemulsification surgery. There is Alcon's Accurus 400 Vs Vit. Unit, Carl Zeiss Visulas 542 Laser, Cryo machine & Volk’s wide angle Lens system and SDI.

The sterilization procedures are done by high-speed sterilizer, ETO sterilizer and steam sterilizer. Circulation of the instruments inside the operation theatres are arranged in such a way that unsterilized and sterilized instruments never cross their paths.

Every week the OT is fumigated for 48 hours.
Micro-biological tests are done every month.
Strict disciplinary measures are maintained inside the OT.




Equipments available in our Operation Theatre
Name of Equipments Make Number
Operating Microscope (OMS 75)  Topcon 1 No.
Operating Microscope(Visu 150) Zeiss 1 No.
Operating Microscope (220 M)  Leica 1 No.
Opmi Lumera T Surgical Microscope  Carl Zeiss 1 No.
Operation Table  Topcon / Icare 3 nos.
Phaco (Universal II)  Alcon India 1 No.
Laureate World Phaco system  Alcon India 3 Nos.
Everest Legacy Phaco Machine  Alcon India 1 No.
Infiniti Vision System Unit  Alcon India 1 No.
Accurus 400 Vs Vit. Unit  Alcon India 1 No.
Microsurgical Vitrectomy Machine  Alcon India / Appasamy 2 Nos.
Cryo Machine  Appasamy 2 Nos. 
Horizontal High Speed Cylindrical  Steam Sterilizer  Medicare Equipment Co. 1 No.
Fully Automatic High Speed Sterillzer Hanshin Med. Co. 2 Nos.
ETO Sterilizer  Pest Control India 1 No.
Air Sterilizer  Sincere 3 Nos.
Nasal Endoscope  Storz 1 No.
Boyles Apparatus  Datex Ohmeda 1 No.
Defibrillator DF 2509 Monitor with Auto Recorder BPL 1 No.
Pulse Oxymeter Mod-3800Argus Oxm/Oxywave Datex Ohmeda/Schiler 3 No.
Multiparameter monitor A3/ M3928A  Philips 1 No.
Surgi-VAC (Suction Machine)  Anand Surgical Industries 1 No.
Ultrasound Cleaner (Mod-FUS-1400 T)  Epsilon 1 No.
DCR Laser  Appasamy 1 No.
Magnavision  Basco 1 No.
Dehumidifier  Origine Corporate Service 1 No.
UPS 5 KVA  Online Numeric 1 No.
Hydraulic Surgicare operating table(MD-SS-151)  Cognet 1 No.