Long term Phaco fellowship : Duration : one year.

One fellow in each session.

Sessions are at January & July every year. Free shared accommodation at hospital complex. Food at subsided rate in the hospital canteen.

Stipend- Rupees Twenty Thousand per month.

There are four operation rooms equipped with One Zeiss Lumera T, one Zeiss Visu 160, one Leica M and one Topcon OMS 75 operating microscope with CCD camera attached to each microscope. There are three Alcon Lauriat, one Alcon Infinity and two Alcon Centurian Vision system .

A state of the art wet lab equipped with Leica table top operating microscope, Lauriet phaco machine, refrigerator, microwave oven to harden goat’s eye is available to the fellows all the time.

The hospital performs about six thousand phaco emulsification surgery, half of which are free patients. No SICS or ECCE is practiced here. The fellows attend OR every day compulsorily. The fellow is assessed on the first month in the OR and OPD. The training is designed based on the existing level of performance of the fellow. On normal occasion an average fellow performs no fewer than 350 independent phaco surgery during one year of fellowship.

They have to attend Morning Class every day from 8AM to 9 AM where academic discussions, presentations are held. The duty hours are from 7AM to 8PM every day except Sunday. Besides routine duties a fellow will attend emergency, Eye donation call, Tele Ophthalmology as and when needed. They will also attend two vision centers in a month as specified.
How to apply? Online applications are to reach before 30th Nov for the January slot and before 31st May for the July slot of the fellowship. The applying candidates will be called for a personal interview at their own expense. Selected candidates will be intimated fifteen days before their date of joining