Avoidable Blindness Free Village Declaration  
  As it has been five years since working at Majuli, the technical Partner Operation Eyesight Universal submitted a proposal that those villages where Blind patient has been operated and their vision has been reverted those villages would be declared as Avoidable Blindness Free Village. As a process Majuli has its first village Lachon Dhunaguri as Avoidable Blindness Free Village in the month of October 2015 by the SDO (Civil), Majuli. And purview to it till date 74 villages of Majuli has been declared as Avoidable Blindness Free village in Majuli.  

1. Community Mobilization - Where all the important village people gather to understand the concept and process of blindness free village. Please take their names in register with and signature for documents. Take good Pictures. Village people should be convinced why there is a need and what help or support we need from them. We need their help in counselling of those patients who are not willing to go for surgery.

2. Re-survey - Resurvey needs to be done by CHW. All households in that village should be covered. 50+age people is a must. They have more chances of getting into category of blind. Once done a report should be generated. The report will contain all cases identified including new blind.
  3. Health Education - Its a ongoing process by the CHW during start to finish of the day. - Counselling will also takes place by the CHW and then Project coordinator or happy patient counselling another patient or senior programme manager. all counseling should be documented with date and people who did the counseling. This will help us if a patient doenst go for surgery then we have sufficient document to prove our effort.

4. Validation by Optometrist/Vision - After the CHW completes the resurvey the ttechnician will do a validation of all people in the village with 50+ age plus. Once done a final report is generated.

5. Eye camp - This camp will attended by a doctor (must) where all identified patients will be asked to attend the camp. The doctor will certify all incurable blind cases if there is any. The doctor will also go to patients who cannot walk/physically unfit .

6. Declaration - The day where we declare the village as free village. press/DM/CMOH/MLA/MP etc. will attend the day and declared.