The laser at Sagar Laser Vision Centre is Allegretto Wave® EX 500 Laser System from Alcon, the world leader in eye care technology. The most important thing in modern day laser refractive surgery is to detect a corneal abnormality, which is known as keratocous. Most topography units are capable of detecting established keratoconus but not good enough to detect early keratoconus, which is known as Fome Faste keratoconus. Sagar Laser Vision Centre is unique in the sense that it posses Pentacam (Oculyzer), which is the most advanced technology to detect earliest of the early keratoconus. Thus the combination of Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser System and Petacam makes this centre as the safest place to undergo laser surgery. Dr. Narayan Bardoloi is the principal surgeon at Sagar Laser Vision Centre. Besides being an internationally famed cataract surgeon Dr. Bardoloi is also an efficient Laser surgeon. The centre combines today’s most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure optimized for patient's ideal vision.
  Whether you have Miopia, Hyperopia or Astigmatism, Laser Vision Correction can improve your eyesight. This solution reshapes your cornea to the correct dimensions. And, with the right equipment, the eyesight you’ve always dreamed of is within reach.    

The best and technologically one of the worlds’s most advanced Excimer Laser System – Allegretto 400Hz. EX 500, Blue line from wave light, Germany. This is CE certified and has received the approval from the USFDA and promises a commitment to safety, precision and superior performance. Ultrafast Laser reduces treatment time to a few seconds in all cases. Quick treatment means very high accuracy. Ultrafast eye tracking system that follows eye movements precisely with the laser beam. .